What is Integrated Public Relations & Marketing Communications?

What is Integrated Public Relations & Marketing Communications?

Integrated public relations and marketing communications (IPRMC) is the process of telling your story across a variety of channels (i.e., TV, radio, web, social media, etc.) to drive higher customer engagement for your organization’s products and services. Communication Metrics uses a disciplined process that starts with a communication objective, designs a strategy to achieve the objective using multiple communication activities and channels; then measures the effectiveness of the strategy in meeting or exceeding the objective. IPRMC blends multiple communication disciplines in its client support process: strategic communications, public relations, stakeholder engagement, branding, marketing, and advertising.

Strategic communication refers to policymaking and guidance for consistent information activity within an organization and between organizations includes an agenda and a master plan as per the behavioral preferences of target audiences to fulfill the organization’s mission. Public relations, mass communication, brand communication, media relations, internal communication, and corporate communication are all part of strategic communication. Strategic communication provides the planning tools, techniques, and processes component of the integrated public relations and marketing communications system.

Public Relations is the process of managing communications between a business/organization and its publics or constituents. Public relations generally focus efforts on earned media and shared media.

Stakeholder engagement is the process of communicating with, interacting with, and influencing all the organization’s stakeholders to the overall good of the entire organization. Stakeholder engagement is particularly important to a mission or objectives as success often depends on how stakeholders see them. Stakeholder engagement tools, techniques, and processes provides the “central nervous system” of the IPRMC system, ensuring two-way communications among all target audiences.

Branding describes the methods that an organization establishes its image in its stakeholders’ eyes. It includes: 1) distinctive wording or design used to identify a particular brand, and 2) the promotion of a particular product, service, or organization by means of advertising and distinctive design. Branding activities generally focus their effort on owned media and paid media.

Marketing includes all digital and non-digital communications tools, techniques, and processes used to interact, connect, and convert the target audiences into purchasers of your ideas, products, and services. Marketing Communication is used for promoting products and brands either actively, or passively through owned media, earned media, paid media, and shared media.

Advertising is a marketing tactic involving paying for space to promote a product, service, or cause. The actual promotional messages are called advertisements, or ads for short. The goal of advertising is to reach people most likely to be willing to pay for a company’s products or services and entice them to buy. Advertising focuses heavily on paid media.

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