Communication Metrics is a dynamic and leading-edge firm specializing in comprehensive branding strategy, public relations, and strategic communications services.

With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, Communication Metrics thrives on crafting and effective and efficient brand strategies and executing brand narratives that resonate with target audiences.

The company’s holistic approach seamlessly integrates innovative branding strategies, meticulous public relations campaigns, and strategic communications planning to ensure clients not only establish a compelling brand identity but also foster meaningful connections with their stakeholders.

Leveraging a keen understanding of market trends and cutting-edge communication tools, Innovate Communications Solutions empowers businesses and organizations to navigate the complexities of the modern landscape, enhance their visibility, and build lasting relationships that drive success in today’s competitive business environment.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mike Daily CMI Headshot

Michael Daily

Founder & CEO

Ken Almond CMI Headshot

Ken Almond

Founder & COO

Our Mission

Communication Metrics Incorporated (CMI) is a firm specializing in technology-focused public relations, strategic communications, and stakeholder relations. CMI contributes to the improvement of its clients’ conditions, helps to enhance the productivity and quality of its people, and assists in increasing the success and profitability of its operations.


Communication Metrics provide business leaders with strategies to identify and engage current and new customers with traditional, digital and emerging marketing techniques.


Our all-inclusive approach leverages integrated marketing channels with a common message to ignite growth. We analyze your business model and create campaigns orchestrated to meet your goals. Our team implements traditional and digital strategies that account for the entire customer journey. Our approach has a significant focus on delivering measurable results.


With a focus on objective-oriented results, CMI understands the culture and environment of the market you are working in and how best to effectively and efficiently measure goal accomplishment.


Communication Metrics only hires industry specialists with a passion for integrated marketing and a desire to champion and advance your goals.

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