Issues Advocacy & Support

The goals and objectives of advocacy are to facilitate change and the development of new areas of Space-related policy.  A goal is the desired result of any advocacy activity. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box.  We provide the following issues advocacy support and services:

Promote the interests of NewSpace generally to ensure government and agency accountability

Monitor compliance with federal, state and local obligations
Scrutinize of legislation, programs, and initiatives

Conduct and/or coordinate research to promote best practices in relation to space research, development, and exploitation

Encourage the development of structures and processes to enable space-interested stakeholders to be active participants in the decision-making processes affecting their lives

Supporting and assist access services or obtain redress for complaints and problems

Resolve complaints and conduct inquiries into individual concerns

Why do you need an Issues Advocate specialist?

  • Concern

    Concern about unfavorable policy legislation

  • Support

    Support of favorable policy legislation

  • Conflict

    There is conflict between stakeholder groups

  • Stakeholders

    There are disempowered, uninformed, or disruptive stakeholders

  • Engage

    There is an unwillingness to engage among stakeholders

  • Fatigue

    You are experiencing project and/or program management fatigue (i.e., Major Event)

  • Change

    Your stakeholders are feeling unfulfilled change expectations

  • Balance

    There is a lack of balance between active and passive stakeholders

  • Compliance

    Your organization is experiencing a lack of compliance with policies and procedures

  • Reputation

    Your organization has a damage to its reputation

  • Control

    The organization has lost issues control

  • Goals

    The organization is not meeting goals and objectives

  • Criticism

    The organization is receiving strong criticism

  • Unprepared

    Your organizations executives are unprepared

How We Measure Issues Advocacy & Support

Active Advocates

Letters of support (to government, etc.)

Registrations (to join support groups)


Legislation passed or blocked

Cost savings

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Team Coaching
Short-Term Tasks
Recurring Projects
Full-Time Contract Work