Public Education/Not-for-Profit Organizations

Education and Not-for-Profit organizations provide opportunities to meet and engage with peers and colleagues. A key component of the space industry business ecosystem, these organizations are made up of people who share similar challenges and opportunities, passions, educational and training backgrounds information and ideas, workforce values as well as resources. Communication Metrics helps you manage the perception of your organization, your products and services and your reputation.

Active communication of and engagement with public education and not-for-profit organizations ensures a continued NewSpace workforce and supportive public. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box.  Communications support services for this sector include:

Stakeholder Relationship Management and Engagement

Communication Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation

Communication Tools, Tactics, and Processes

Communications Coaching and Training

Event Management

Why do you need a public education communication specialist?

  • Conflict

    There is conflict between stakeholder groups

  • Barriers

    There are technical barriers to your online engagement process

  • Funding

    Need for project funding

  • Partnerships

    Facilitate academic and business partnerships

  • Sponsorship

    Identify and facilitate student project sponsorship opportunities

Client Deliverables

Active advocates (Support for favorable space policies and programs)

Progress against a target (e.g., Funding for student space projects)

Cost savings

Increased member participation

Increased contributions & partnerships

Increased Influence among Key Influencers

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Team Coaching
Short-Term Tasks
Recurring Projects
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