Reputation Building

Reputation is the sum of impressions held by an organization’s stakeholders. Generally, reputation refers to the overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general, recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability, and a place in public esteem or regard. The rewards of having a good reputation are greater revenues, better relationships, and more opportunities.

Reputation determines the social standing of the NewSpace organization in society. It is a measure of the organization’s influence. An organization enjoying a good reputation is definitely preferred for successful contract awards and policy leadership roles. Communication Metrics helps you manage the reputation of your organization, your products and your services. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box:

Reputation Monitoring

Reputation Repair

Reputation Building

Reputation Research & Analysis

Reputation Building Strategy

Reputation Monitoring & Building

Repair Tools, Tactics & Processes

Reputation Team Coaching & Training

Why do you need a reputation building specialist?

  • Conflict

    There is conflict between stakeholder groups

  • Barriers

    There are technical barriers to your online engagement process

  • Stakeholders

    There are disempowered, uninformed or disruptive stakeholders

  • Unwillingness

    There is an unwillingness to engage among stakeholders

  • Fatigue

    You are experiencing project and/or program management fatigue (i.e., Major Event)

  • Change

    Your stakeholders are feeling unfulfilled change expectations

  • Balance

    There is a lack of balance between active and passive stakeholders

  • Compliance

    Your organization is experiencing a lack of compliance with policies & procedures

  • Damage

    Your organization has a damage to its reputation

  • Lack of Agreement

    There is a lack of agreement in the organization on the best way forward

  • Control

    The organization has lost issues control

  • Goals

    The organization is not meeting goals and objectives

  • Criticism

    The organization is receiving strong criticism

  • Conflict of Interest

    There are conflicts of interest within your organization

  • Unprepared

    Your organizations executives are unprepared

How We Measure Reputation Building Performance


Market Share & Share Price

Talent Retention & Recruitment

Cost Savings

Customer Loyalty

Legislation / Regulation Passed or Blocked

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