Social / Community Engagement

Social/community engagement enables stakeholder community, which in turn creates tangible business benefits. Social media engagement opens opportunities for establishing new business relationships. Engagement improves the efficiency and effectiveness of content reach and promotional costs. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box.  Our services include:

Social Media Program Installation and Maintenance

Stakeholder Identification and Mapping

Digital Stakeholder Engagement

Social Media Measurement and Analysis

Why do you need a social or community engagement specialist?

  • Change

    Your stakeholders are feeling unfulfilled change expectations

  • Engage

    There is an unwillingness to engage among stakeholders

  • Stakeholders

    There are disempowered, uninformed or disruptive stakeholders

  • Conflict

    There is conflict between stakeholder groups

  • Criticism

    The organization is receiving strong criticism

  • Reputation

    Your organization has a damage to its reputation

  • Balance

    There is a lack of balance between active and passive stakeholders

How We Measure Social / Community Engagement

Active Advocates

Brand engagement

Leads / sales


Market share

Cost savings

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