Crisis & Issues Management

The objective of crisis and issues management is to anticipate emerging and immediate challenges, eliminating the potential harm to your organization and allowing it to resume execution of its strategy.

“A crisis is not necessarily a disaster.  When handled in a timely and effective way, a crisis can actually become an opportunity to gain competitive advantage, to build trust and confidence, and move the organization forward”

-Katie Garcia

“The crises you to need to worry about most is the one you don’t see coming.”

Mike Mansfield, United States Senator, 1961-1977

Crises & Issue Services

We help our clients with:

  • Crises Messaging
  • Crises and Issues Management Strategy
  • Crises and Issues Planning and Execution
  • Stakeholder Relations Management
  • Crises and Issues Management and spokesperson training
  • Media Outreach
  • Branding Team Coaching

You need crises and issues communications support when

  • There is conflict between stakeholder groups
  • There are uninformed stakeholders
  • There are disruptive stakeholders
  • There is an unwillingness to engage among stakeholders
  • Your organization has a damage to its reputation
  • There is a lack of agreement in the organization on the best way forward
  • The organization has lost issues control
  • The organization is receiving strong criticism for a product or service
  • Your organizations executives are unprepared

Client Deliverables

  • Maintain share price/earnings multiple/company value
  • Maintain market share/sales/ customers
  • Cost savings

Hire us for any scope of work

  • Team Coaching
  • Short-Term Tasks
  • Recurring Projects
  • Full-Time Contract Work

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