Company overview

Communication Metrics provides commercial and civil space and defense businesses, organizations and agencies with enterprise-wide public relations and strategic communications solutions; incorporating emerging digital engagement systems applications and technologies that are collaborative and easy to implement among all communications and change management professionals. As specialists in stakeholder relationship management tools, tactics and processes, Communication Metrics focuses on helping leadership, professional communicators and project managers to better manage stakeholder relations and engagement in an increasingly digital world.

Your enterprise solution for effective and efficient digital marketing and stakeholder engagement!

Our mission

Communication Metrics Incorporated (CMI) is a firm specializing in NewSpace public relations, strategic communications, and stakeholder relations. CMI contributes to the improvement of its clients’ conditions, helps to enhance the productivity and quality of their people, and assists in increasing the success and profitability of their operations.  CMI employs tools, techniques and processes that increase the well-being of our client’s customers and stakeholders; helping them to educate the world about the promise and benefits of the Space industry.


Communication Metrics provides communications professionals with enterprise-wide stakeholder relations management and engagement tools, tactics and processes, with a focus on emerging digital engagement systems applications and technologies; universally accessible and easy to implement among all communications and change management professionals


Communication Metrics works specifically with marketing, change management and communications professionals within organizations and public relations agencies to help them become expert advisors in stakeholder relations strategies, management and engagement; providing them with comprehensive enterprise digitally-enhanced stakeholder engagement systems and supporting tools.


Communication Metrics wants communications professionals to be successful in this focus area. Stakeholder relationships impact all areas of communications within an organization. With a focus on objective-oriented results, CMC understands the culture and environment of the market you are working in and how best to effectively and efficiently measure and achieve success in stakeholder relations management and engagement.


Communication Metrics only hires industry specialists with a singular passion for stakeholder relations and a desire to champion and advance this specialization area within communications in the digital age.

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